RT 5 Series Camera

OPTA-TECH RT 5Mpx camera is equipped with an innovative FPGA-based dual core processor.
The first core is responsible for the image in high resolution and quality, and the second
for image transfer. Our solution ensures excellent quality images at high refresh rates.

The newest 5 Mpix matrix provides incredible performance at the highest level of detail. The combination of two professional processors delivers accurate color reproduction and sharp images.

The combination of binning technology and 3D noise reduction resulted in a surprising capability in very low light. The camera is able to provide excellent picture quality even with residual light.

OPTA-TECH RT5 has an integrated adjust the color temperature 1900-8000K. This ensures excellent white balance and incredible color fidelity, thereby eliminating the need to improve the still images.

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Sensor – Sensor: 1/2,5” CMOS
– Pixel size: 2,2μm x 2,2μm
– Live preview resolution: 15fps@5MP, 30fps@2MP, 35fps@0.8MP
– Max. Photo resolution: 2584×1936
– Preview resolution: 2584×1936, 2040×1528, 1016×760
Image Processing – Built-in photo processor
– Noise reduction – Real-Time 3D denoise
– Depth color: 24 bit
Microscope connection – Mounting: C/CS
Image capture parameters – Exposure: od 1 ms. – 1 s.
– Exposure control: automatic, manual;
– White balance: automatic, manual;
– Image parameters: gain, saturation, gamma, color
– Color temperature – 1900K-8000K
General parameters – Housing material: metal
– Interface: Ultra-High-Speed USB 3.0/0,5Gb/s
– Power source: USB
– USB cord: separate, 1,8 m
System requirements – free USB 3.0 port
– Intel i3 or equivalent processor
– RAM: 8GB
– System: Windows 10 – 64 bit
– CD

Files to download