LAB 40 P Series Microscope

LAB 40 POL is a new generation polarizing microscope, based on the LAB 40 model.

High quality optics, bright, adjustable reflected and transmitted halogen light and the possibility to observe in bright field technique and polarized light make the LAB 40 POL a perfect device for research both in industry and education.

Pictures taken with a microscope

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Optics Infinity-corrected optical system
Viewing head Binocular or trinocular (optional). Adjustable interpupilary distance: 54-75 mm. Eyepiece inclination: 30°. Dioptric correction: +/- 5 diopters in left eyepiece
Eyepieces Wide field of view PL10X/22 mm or PL15X/16 mm
Revolving nosepiece Quadruple or quintuple, centerable
Objectives Plan achromatic LWD objectives:  5x, 10x, 20x, 50x or plan destressing objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
Bertrand lens module Centerable. Removable analyzer and compensator.
Analyzer Rotary. 20 increment, 6’ precission.
Compensator Gypsum 1λ, Mical 1/4λ, Quartz wedge
Condenser N.A.1.2/0.25 (SWING) condenser with rotary polarizer
Focus adjustment Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment knob with coarse focus movement tension adjustment. Movement range: 30 mm. Movement precision: 0,002 mm
Stage Circular, rotary. Diameter: 160mm. Anti-corrosive and anti-friction graphite coating. 10 increment. Precision: 6’.
Illumination Reflected light: 12V/50W centerable halogen lamp with LBD filter, pluggable polarizer, field and aperture diaphragm. Transmitted light: 12V/50W centerable halogen lamp with aperture diaphragm.
Base 3 types available: reflected light base, transmitted light base, transmitted and reflected light base

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