SK Series Microscope

SK series microscope are designed for 3D observation of small objects, mineral samples, plants, insects, etc. in reflected and transmitted light and both. High quality optics combined with high-tech light sources guarantees the best quality of image. SK series microscope can be outfitted with digital image acquisition system. The technologically advanced application provided with the camera lets the user adjust the image parameters to best visualize the analyzed specimen on the computer screen. Apart from archiving the captured images, the software has an additional function of applying a wide range of measurements on them.

Optional image acquisition, archiving and analysis software can have additional functions added based on the user’s individual research needs.

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Optical system Smoothly adjustable magnification range, that can be modified with (optional) objectives depending on individual user preferences
Viewing head Calibrated magnification knob. Adjustment range: 0,7x do 4,75x. Binocular or trinocular viewing head with adjustable interpupilary distance: 55-75mm and dioptric correction: +/-5 dioptries.
Viewing head with step magnification rate change Viewing head with step magnification rate change: 1x, 3x or 2x,4x. Binocular or trinocular; interpuppilary distance: 55-75mm; dioptric correction: +/-5 dioptries.
Magnification range ZOOM viewing head: standard – 7x to 45x, optional -2x to 225x. Viewing head with step magnification rate change:

  • Standard: 10x, 30x, or 20x, 40x
  • Optional: 3x to 60x or 6x to 80x
Illumination Reflected light source: LED or fluorescent ring light source; adjustable halogen 15W transmitted or reflected light source, fiber optic spot-or ring-150W light source
Base A wide selection of bases for every user research needs: transmitted light (DIS) base, reflected and transmitted light (EPI/DIA) base, bases with extendible arms (freestanding or fixed)

Files to download